About Us

There is no dearth of information today, information of system states, devices, machinery and people; and its easy to get drowned in this sea of data. We envision Data as a complex complex matrix, an evolved representation wherein the convergence of multiple data streams leads to some insights. Each data stream telling something, and its only when we superimpose or intersect different data streams in an optimal way we can make the data communicate something meaningful.

YELLOW MATRIX is the embodiment of the insights in this world full of information and we are hear to unveil the metaphorical “Yellow Metal” from Data.


To be the premier innovator and trusted partner for automotive OEMs, providing leading-edge Embedded hardware solutions and services, shaping the future of connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles.

At Yellow Matrix we are on a mission To pioneer innovation and research, accelerating advancements in connected, autonomous, shared, and electric technologies, and reshape the future of the automotive industry.


The automotive sector is destined to become a fusion of technology, individuality, convenience, and productivity. Through our exceptional services and cutting-edge products, we are dedicated to driving industry growth.

This is the first phase of YELLOW MATRIX where we are building Trust in our Products and Services. We have received immense support through multiple incubation wins. Now we are engaging into Strategic Partnerships with Industry Leaders to forge a winning Team.